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We specialize in project management, EHR support, custom application development, clinical and financial reporting as well as data migrations and integrations.
We currently work with the largest of health systems, specialty groups of all sizes and small private practices.

Our Services

Consulting Services

Datatrade Solutions offers a variety of services that could help your practice meet IT goals and improve productivity and efficiency. From dictation software training to complete EHR managed services, Datatrade is your health IT resource for EHR implementation and support.

Dynamic Reporting

Identify unique groups from your patient population through clinical data analytics like never before.

HealthIT Connect

The implementation or upgrade of an EHR system is often overwhelming. With so many options available a practice may spend precious money on things they don't need and leave important pieces of the puzzle out of the plan: Stop wasting money!


Datatrade Solutions offers a variety of services that could help your practice meet IT goals and improve productivity and efficiency. From dictation software training to complete EHR managed services, Datatrade is your health IT resource for EHR implementation and support.


Mine patient data with ease through a dynamic and responsive platform that empowers users with empirical data that will improve patient care and financial business practices. With Dynamic Reporting, your EHR database becomes a buffet of information that offers any and all information possible through a series of searches and filters.

Refine the raw material in your patient record database until it becomes valuable information capable of providing unique insight into the way your medical entity practices medicine and conducts business.

With no software to install, Dynamic Reporting is available to your practice with minimal intrusion into company hardware resources. Pricing is based on provider, so please contact to get a quote for your practice today.


As medical practices evolve with their EHR applications, they are finding that numerous interfaces are needed to transmit and integrate data into third party applications, medical networks and imaging software, just to name a few.

With Health IT Connect one connection will enable medical practices to interface their EHR application to a multitude of systems. With a hosted interface, businesses will enjoy support for the interface engine and software for a flat monthly fee. Bilaterally interfacing EHR applications to your business ensures that data gets where it needs to be regardless of codes and languages. Our monthly fee includes Interface Software and Support, eliminating the need for high upfront cost.

Practices should consider this solution before spending the initial investment of just one interface, it will save time, effort, and peace of mind.


  • One connection to Datatrade handles ALL EHR Interfacing.
  • Interfaces include, but not limited to: Labs, PACS, EHR, PM, Hospitals, Patient Portals, etc.
  • Save money on upfront costs associated with multiple interfaces.
  • Flat monthly fee covers the software, interface engine, hosting & support.
  • Interface types: HL7, XML, ODBC/JDBC, etc.

Who Benefits?

  • Imaging Centers – Allow Datatrade to handle all of your interfacing between you and your clients.
  • Hospitals – Datatrade can manage all connections TO and FROM your affiliated practices.
  • Software Providers – Allow Datatrade to develop interfaces from your software to EHR applicatons.
  • Ambulatory Practices – Datatrade can ease your IT burden by managing all of the interfaces to and from your system.
Our Products

Patient Document Interface

Patient Document Management is the combination of three DataTrade developed products that will streamline the paper processes that exist in your medical practice, including incoming and outgoing faxing.


Chartsave is a web-based document archiving solution. In addition to providing a home for your legacy system documents, it can also be your document repository for your current system and provide your practice with the best EHR disaster recovery tool.


The Patient Document Interface

Includes an incoming and outgoing fax server that offers many different work flow options to optimize the way your practice handles faxing by ensuring that faxes get routed the proper person or department.

The Import Utility

Will take documents such as radiology reports or dictated reports and import them directly to the patient's chart.

The Auto Fax Tool

Looks at the "cc’ing" provider and automatically faxes documents to the selected doctor based on an event triggered from your EHR system.

The Patient Document Interface is a hosted solution and all utilities are installed, managed and supported on the DataTrade server. Also included is a HIPAA compliant hosted fax solution. Fax numbers can be ported over to DataTrade and new numbers are created easily. Barcode integration for incoming faxing is also offered through this Interface.


Has your practice made the tough decision of changing to another EHR system? Are you aquireing or merging with another pracitce? Do you need a place to store and easily access patient documents? If so, then Chartsave can help. 

Not to mention, the best disaster recovery for your medical records!


  • Web based
  • Multiple file formats accepted (PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, JPG, TIFF, etc)
  • User based security roles
  • Complete audit log
  • Easy search interface
  • New documents uploaded daily


  • Small one time setup fee based on the number of source systems
  • Monthly fee based on storage usage
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